Bye Bra: The Adhesive Breast lift tape

Bye Bra is Europe’s leader in adhesive breast lift tape. Bye Bra tape is available in cup sizes A-C, D-F and F+. It is the perfect solution for strapless dresses, as it is nearly invisible and it lifts breasts from the top. We pride ourselves on having the largest cup size range of bra tapes, and the highest quality materials, available today. Our products pass all EU quality standards, and are independently tested for quality assurance. The Bye Bra tape is produced in the Netherlands with a medical adhesive made by 3M, the world leader in the fabrication of medical adhesives

The Bye Bra is a simple solution for quickly and effectively enhancing the female breast without the need for surgery, or even a bra! The Bye Bra can lift the breasts simply and effectively. Better still, it is not only the breasts that are uplifted – it also significantly raises the self-esteem and mood of the wearer. Not only does it give you the confident feeling of having a more attractive appearance; it also allows you to wear clothes that would otherwise be consigned to the wardrobe.

The unique 3M quality tape, which is used in hospitals, is, unlike some copycat products, entirely safe, and creates a perfect strapless lift. The strapless bra can lift the breasts simply and effectively. Bye Bra also solidifies breasts slightly. While they still remain free to move under textiles, the Bye Bra tape will contain any excessive natural movement of the breasts.

The Bye Bra provides silicone nipple covers as well silk nipple covers. You might ask, why does Bye Bra offer both types of nipple covers? It’s because every breast is different. Small nipples, big nipples, small areolae, big areolae, etc. The silk nipple covers are lighter, smaller (6cm), and not reusable. The silicone nipple covers are a bit larger (8cm), and reusable.


You can dance, swim and jump with the Bye Bra adhesive breast lift. Yes! These breast tapes and nipple covers will give you the freedom to party all night long. If you want some objective reviews, feel free to check our blogger reviews page, where you can see their first hand experience with the Bye Bra.

Nowadays we see a lot of copycat bra stickers imported from China. Most of these brands are not made from a 3M medical adhesive, and can be hazardous to your health.

If you have any questions about the materials, their quality, or you need instructions on how to apply the lift tape, feel free to contact us.