Care for your breasts, buy the right tape

Be aware of counterfeiters of bra tape on amazon and ebay. The bra tape's which we provide to you are made from the best medical adhesive. The bra tape's (or breast lifts / adhesive breasts lifts) are made in cooperation with 3M and Bye Bra. 3M is the best producer of medical adhesive tapes. And Bye Bra is in our opinion the leading adhesive breast lift producer in Europe. Our bra tapes are tested by the test institute SGS. Unfortunately the concept is copied by Chinese factories and they supply their bra tapes via amazon, ebay or local resellers. The bra tape amazonĀ providesĀ and bra tapes ebay provides are very painful for the skin and contain ingredients which are for all kind of reasons (f.e. a higher risk to get cancer) not allowed on the market. Unfortunately ebay and amazon don't obligate skin tests. The bra tapes from Bye Bra and this website are classified by SGS as 'harmless' which means 'perfectly fine!'

Quality check bra tape amazon and ebay

The Bye Bra's have a quality mark in the left bottom corner. This quality mark is a hologram sticker with a unique number. If you believe you received in the past a counterfeiter, please contact the Bye Bra. On ebay and amazon bra tapes are provided which are Bye Bra packs but to be sure we advise you to buy them from us as we are a trusted supplier and approved by Bye Bra.