Breast lift tapes

The Bye Bra breast lifts offer the perfect solution for strapless, backless and open shoulder outfits.

The Bye Bra Breast lift tape

bye bra breast lift tape with silicone nipple coversbye bra breast lift tape with silk nipple covers

Bye Bra is Europe’s leading manufacturer of bra accessories. The Bye Bra breast lifts are made in cooperation with world-class medical adhesive producer 3M, available in cup sizes up to H. The Bye Bra lifts are of premium quality, easy to apply and come with two types of nipple covers.

The Bye Bra breast lifting tapes are a simple solution for a quick and effective enhancement of the female breasts without the need for surgery, or even a bra! The stick on bras work, by lifting the breasts from the top, making Bye Bra the perfect solution for strapless and backless clothing. The breast lift stickers can also be worn under a bikini.

The unique 3M quality bra tape, which is used in hospitals, is unlike any counterfeit product. It is dermatologically safe, hypoallergenic and creates a perfect cleavage. The Bye Bra instant breast lift tape keeps the breasts in place, while allowing the wearer to move freely and containing any excessive natural movement of the breasts.

On our website you can buy breast lift tape with silicone nipple covers, as well as breast lift tape with silk nipple covers. The silk nipple covers are lighter and not reusable. They are thinner than the silicone ones and are either 6cm in diameter for the standard version, or 8cm for the XL version. Our silicone nipple covers are 8cm, thicker and reusable. The choice is yours! Please see the product page to learn more about their differences.

You can dance, swim and jump with the Bye Bra breast uplift tape. Yes! These strapless bra tapes and nipple covers will give you the freedom to party all night long. If you want some objective reviews, feel free to check our bye bra reviews page, where you can see some blogger's first hand experience with the Bye Bra.

Nowadays we see a lot of copycat boob tapes imported from China. Most of these brands are not made from a 3M medical adhesive, and can be hazardous to your health.

If you have any questions you can always contact us via email or via our online chat platform. If you would like to see how to properly apply the Bye Bra, please refer to the photos below or to our instruction videos.