Charity Events Month

To be a good person, become a human first.

People need to be humans. That’s the reason standing behind charity events. Raising money for a good cause is one of the most popular prerequisites to run a gala dinner or cocktail. That kind of events usually require a specific and more official dress code for people to join it. Finding an appropriate dress is a hard to do activity, nevertheless it’s harder finding the perfect lingerie to match it out. Here comes Bye Bra on your service!

Looking for a push-up look of your breasts? Or need a plunge bra for your low-cut official dress? Maybe simply need the classic backless bra? I bet you’re looking for something sticky and strapless. Sounds like you need a multi-functional convertible bra. One to wear with all your party outfits. Here’s Bye Bra to cover your back for all the gala events this year!

Visit our website to find the perfect lingerie accessory – an adhesive bra, breast lift tape, push-ups or whatever else you can imagine – in a few clicks distance! Not sure about your size? Always choose the bigger one, when it comes to customised products – you can also cut it to be smaller but it you take the smaller itself, you can’t make it bigger. Choose between a diversity of products in multiple skin tones and cup sizes to find the one, which suits best most of the dresses in your wardrobe.

Help that cause not only by donating money but also preventing the environment from buying multiple products of the same type by reusing one to fit all your needs.

#BeHuman with #ByeBra

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