Counterfeit products

Copycat breast lift tape vs. Bye Bra - The difference explained

Bye Bras are made using a medical adhesive that is produced in cooperation with 3M. It’s not just an average tape, but a medical tape that is produced to lift several kilos of breasts by pulling the skin upward. The Bye Bra is therefore a safe and reliable adhesive breast lift tape. Unfortunately, Chinese copycat breast lift tape companies have copied this concept in such a way that it can harm your health, and these days many irresponsible companies import these imitations without testing for safety and that’s a shame.

1. Cancer, birth defects and other reproductive harm

Our test results show that all the copies we tested are made from materials that are known to cause cancer, birth defects and other reproductive harm. Some copies are so dangerous, there is a warning on the packaging. Please see the picture below.

adhesive breast lifts risks.

2. Skin damage

Using these fake products can result in skin damage. We have seen women damage their skin because they have applied a tape to their skin that is not meant to be used as a breast-lift tape. If you are still in any doubt, take a look at the reviews on eBay and Amazon. We can assure you that the good reviews are often fake, while the 1–2 star reviews reveal the real quality of these products.

sin bra skin damage       rashes of bare lifts

3. Even if you manage to apply the counterfeit, they will not hold all night long.

The copycat breast lift tape products we tested are not even close to a medical-grade tape. They looked more like the tape used to pack presents. Apart from the fact that they simply don’t stick well, they can’t handle sweat. If you were to dance, jump or sweat, you would be not only strapless, but bra-less as well.

How to recognise a real Bye Bra

A real Bye Bra always has a special reflective sticker with a unique serial code on the front of the packaging. If you would like to check whether your Bye Bra is real, feel free to send the code to us so we can look it up for you.

If you have any additional questions about the Bye Bra, feel free to contact us.