How to apply the breast lift tape

On this page we will show you how to apply the Bye Bra breast lifts and the Bye Bra Perfect cleavage tape correctly.

Watch the Breast lift tape instruction video

Follow the steps below to apply the Breast lift tape


  1. Remove the bottom part of the protective film. Try to avoid touching the adhesive part with your fingers and make sure the tape does not double up.
  2. Apply the foil to the upper part of your breast just above the areola, so that the rest of the plaster, which is covered by the protective foil, points upwards.
  3. Remove the protective film from the remaining top part of the plaster.
  4. Pull the top part of the plaster in an upward direction. The breast will be slightly lifted. Stick the plaster to the skin. Smooth the area by applying gentle pressure.
  5. Repeat the same procedure with the other breast. You will achieve a natural and completely invisible breast accent.
  6. To apply the nipple covers, remove the protective foil from the plasters and softly stick them over your nipples.

Watch the Perfect cleavage tape instruction video

Follow the steps below to apply the Perfect cleavage tape


  1. Lift the tape with confidence. The breasts can be brought upwards by 8 to 15 cm, depending on your breast size.
  2. For halter-neck clothes, the tape can be applied on each side of the neck.
  3. For deep V-neck clothes with straps on the shoulder, the tape should be taped onto the shoulders.
  4. For cross-strap clothes, the tape can be applied across the chest.

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