International Women’s Day

To all the postpartum and post breastfeeding mommies out there, Bye Bra got your back.

Known to be the women’s month thanks to the changing weather, reminding us of a lady’s temperament, March welcomes us with the International Women’s Day. It’s not all about mothers at the end of the day. A little bit of background here – 8th March tradition starts in New York, 1857 when women went outside to protest. All they wanted was having the right to vote and wear trousers. We’ve done it, girls! Anyway, this event marked the idea behind the International women’s day – a feminist journey to the non-discrimination and equal rights. What makes it important is the fact that this isn’t only women’s issue but a global problem worldwide.

Back to the mommies, they are the ones to deserve some extra applauds. Becoming a mother is the time when you decide to rent for free your body to another human being to grow inside you. One is supposed to change habits, attitudes, give up on her body, stop sleeping and living for herself. Another life is about to become more than her own. These are only a few of the things worth mentioning when it comes to her majesty the Motherhood. All those women out there still continue to be feminine, gentle and beautiful ladies, who deserve to feel exactly as beautiful as they are. Here comes the Bye Bra to get their backs. Our amazing breast tape product allows post-breastfeeding mommies to lift up and shape their breasts.

The 8th of March is the day to get the appreciation you deserve during the entire year. And when you get in front of the mirror and ask yourself << how should I dress up tonight? >>, don’t worry because you’re still going to shine as bright as you did before, with the additional sparkle of being the entire world for someone else – a Mommy.

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