2x Low-back Straps in 2 Colours

2 hooks 3 hooks

Product description

Size: One-size

Contains: 2 pcs. Low-Back Straps for 2-hooked bras

Colours included: Pink, Red

Material: Hooks: 100% nylon, Strap: 88%polyamide, 12% elastane

  • A new generation of low-back straps with flexible ends to fit every 2-hook bra.
  • The low-back bra converters are specially designed straps that cross lower on the back and then wrap around and close in the front.
  • It allows women to have the support and coverage of a bra without ruining the effect of backless dress, bridal gown, or prom dress. A low-back bra converter pulls the bra down so it cannot be seen.
  • With the flexible ends of the Bye Bra low-back strap, you can be assured that it will fit any of the bras you have.
  • The low-back bra strap is very easy to use. Attach the bra strap converter to the bra, cross it, and attach it in the front to lower your bra by up to 10 centimeters.
  • Also available in other colors.
  • Also available with 3 hooks.


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