The low back bra straps are specially designed straps that cross lower on the back and then wrap around and close in the front. This allows women to have the support and coverage of a bra without ruining the effect of backless dress, bridal gown, or prom dress. A low back strap pulls the bra down so it cannot be seen. You can now wear low-backed tops and dresses with confidence. Please check the picture and decide if your dress is suitable for the low back bra straps to be used. The low back strap is available in several packs of two colors: black & white, two nude colors, two brown colors and a combination of a red and pink low back bra strap.

The low back bra strap converter is very easy to use. Attach the low back strap to the bra, cross it and attach it in the front.


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Product Description

Bra strap converter

Bye Bra provides the new generation bra strap converter with flexible ends to fit every 3-hook bra (Click here for the low back strap for 2-hook bras). The low back bra strap converter is a backless bra strap which pulls the bra down so it can’t be seen.Due to the many different brands there are different bra closures which do not always fit a traditional low-back strap. Many brands use different widths in between the bra-hooks. Some brands use a cut size of 28, some of 38 mm. With the flexible ends of the Bye Bra low back strap, you can be assured that it will fit any of the bras you have.


  • 2 Items in a pack
  • Several colours available to pick from
  • Lowers bra back up to 10 centimeter
  • Adjustable slider for perfect fit and comfort
  • Discreet strap stays in place and does not slip off.
  • Hand Wash
  • Fits all 3-hook bras
  • Materials:
    • HOOKS:100% NYLON


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