Dress Tape


Product description

Size: One-size tape strips -> 23mm by 82mm each

Colour: Transparent / Clear

Contains: 30 double-sided strips

Material: Silicone Coated Paper liner 40%, Acrylate Adhesive 30%, Polyethylene Backing 30%

  • The double-sided tapes are made from 3M adhesive of exceptional quality – gentle on both, skin and garments.
  • Also known as fashion tape or non-exposure tape, our Dress Tape enables you to wear more revealing clothing outfits without exposing your bra or too much skin during movement.
  • Each strip is 23mm wide and 82mm long – much wider and longer than the average dress tape. This is a handy feature because the dress tape should stay for as long as needed, while most dress tapes are too thin to be able to do so.
  • The protective layers of the strips ensure they do not stick to each other before usage.
  • Before you apply the strips, ensure that the skin is dry and clean of any creams, moisturisers, etc.

Tip: Combining the Dress Tape with our Breast lift tapes or the Perfect Cleavage Tape prevents the dreaded ‘nipple slip ’effect.


Before you apply the strips, ensure that the skin is dry and clean of any creams or moisturisers. First, choose the place on your skin where you would like the garment to be attached. Then peel off the backing paper from the inner side of the strip and press the tape firmly onto the skin. With the tape in place, remove the backing paper from the outer surface and push the garment against it. Hold it in place for several seconds before releasing it. To remove the tape after use, just peel it off. If it doesn’t come easily off the:

  • Garment: Soak the garment in warm soapy water and try again.
  • Skin: Apply baby oil or a similar product to speed up the process and try again.


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