Inflatable Bra Pads

12.95 8.95

Product description

Colour: Nude

Contains: 2 pieces

Material: 45% Polyester, 55% Thermoplastic Polyurethane

  • Ideal for adding a few extra cup sizes
  • Comfortable, non-slip and non-irritating material
  • Adjustable built-in system

The Inflatable Bra Pads

The Bye Bra Inflatable Bra Pads are a discreet way to give your cleavage a boost and add a few extra cup sizes. Made from comfortable, non-slip, and non-irritating material, they are easy to use with any cup size. These pads can also be used to correct asymmetric differences between the breasts’ size, shape, or form. Each pad is equipped with a simple, adjustable built-in system, allowing you to inflate or deflate them to the desired size.


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