Perfect Cleavage Tape cup A-F with silk nipple covers

Bye Bra redefines the use of adhesive breast lift for wearing deep V neck clothes and cross strap clothes through an innovative, patent-pending tape: the Perfect Cleavage tape.

The Perfect Cleavage tape lifts the breasts from the side, towards the center of the chest; and gives a boosted cleavage. The Bye Bra Perfect Cleavage tape with silk nipple covers is the perfect solution if you want to have a bare chest without a bra, while the breast still needs a lift.

The Perfect Cleavage tape consists of four tapes; two tapes per breasts. The first tape, shaped like an ‘L’, lifts the breast and turns it inwards to create cleavage; while the second tape, shaped like an inverted ‘T’, adds the final support.

Because the tape is applied in four steps, it is easy to apply and you can lift the bra without touching the sticky adhesive. The Bye Bra tapes are made of a very thin and flexible self-adhesive foil, which is produced by 3M.

Each pack includes free silk nipple covers, to conceal nipple protrusion and protect the nipples.


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Product Description

Depending on the cup size, the L and T-tapes can be cut in half to adapt accordingly. Therefore, each pack offers up to 6 sets for women with cup A and B, and 3 sets for women with cup C and above.

The Perfect Cleavage tape includes free silk nipple covers. The silk nipple covers conceal nipple protrusion, and will protect your nipples while wearing the Perfect Cleavage tapes.  

In each pack, you will find ‘Useful application tips’, in order to make sure you will look fabulous wearing the Perfect Cleavage tape.

The Perfect Cleavage tape is a four tapes bra, two per breast. The L-shaped tape lifts the breast and turns it inwards to create cleavage, while the inverted T-shaped tape adds the final support. The tape can lift the breast up by a good 8 to 15 centimeters depending on your cup size.

The unique 3M quality tape, a medical tape used in hospitals is, unlike some counterfeit products, entirely safe, and creates a perfect lift. The Perfect Cleavage tape can lift the breasts simply and effectively. Better yet, it does not only lift the breast and enhance cleavage—it also significantly enhances the self-esteem and mood of the wearer. Not only does it give you more confidence; it also allows you to wear those cross strap and deep V-neck clothes you would have otherwise left at the back of your closet.

Tip from our side: Try also the Bye Bra dress tape. This double-sided adhesive will keep your clothes adhere to the skin, so nobody can peak into your dress and see the Perfect Cleavage tape!


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