Shoulder Bra Pads In Nude


Product description

Size: One-size

Colour: Nude

Contains: 1 pair

Material: 100% Polyurethane

  • The Shoulder Bra Pads are ideal for sculpting your silhouette under any outfit.
  • Designed to cover the shoulder bone and smoothen the outline of a garment.
  • Provide a moderate increase to the shoulder area under any garment.
  • The pads have a flap pocket on the inside where you can secure the pads under your bra straps.
  • Also available in black.


  • Put one Shoulder Bra Pad on each shoulder.
  • Secure the Shoulder Bra Pad by placing the bra strap in the designated flap pocket underneath.
  • Alternatively, use without securing the flap pocket by placing the pad onto the shoulder at the desired position.
  • Adjust until you reach a comfortable fit.


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