Dark silk nipple covers

On our website you can choose from two types – silk or silicone nipple covers. Both types work great, but each type is best suited for a specific purpose. We recommend the silicone nipple covers if you have clothing that rubs a lot, or if you have large and sensitive areolae, as the silicone nipple cover is larger than its silk counterpart and has a lower adhesive power. Both nipple covers will stay put, despite perspiration; however if you sweat a lot, we recommend that you use the silk nipple covers, as they have a stronger adhesive and therefore hold better than the silicone nipple covers.

We believe it is crucial to ensure that the products we provide are of utmost quality. Unfortunately, we find many online stores that sell counterfeit covers, made from substances that are not tested and are not safe for the skin. Our silk nipple covers are made with henkel adhesive and are tested by SGS.


Product Description

Stick on nipple covers

The best nipple covers available today are the Bye Bra stick on nipple covers. They are made from a Henkel adhesive and are tested by SGS. The stick on nipple covers are comprised of an adhesive back side with a soft front side. These flower-shaped dark silk stick on nipple covers are perfect for daily wear. They conceal nipple protrusion, and will protect your nipples, regardless of whether or not you wear a bra. Nobody will know you are wearing them.

stick on nipple covers

Stick on nipple covers made from a Henkel adhesive.

These are perfect for evening dresses, gala clothing, strapless outfits, T-shirts – clothing made from a more sensitive material, hence requiring a more discreet solution.

stick on nipple covers

You can choose on our website from either silicone or silk material. Both work very well and stick on, but we can recommend one above the other in certain situations. We recommend the silicone covers if you have clothing that rubs a lot or if you have a large areola as the silicone cover is a bit bigger than the silk one.

We also advise you to use the silicone stick on nipple covers if you have a very sensitive areola as the silicone covers have a lower adhesive power than the silk  covers. Both stick on nipple covers will stay put during some perspiration however if you sweat a lot, we recommend you the silk stick on nipple covers as the silk covers have a stronger adhesive which holds better than the silicone nipple covers.

stick on nipple covers

You’ll receive 4 pair of nipple covers in a beautiful Bye Bra packaging.

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