Transparent Low Back Straps

A top-quality Dutch brand, Bye Bra was created in the year 2011. Within several years of its creation, its assortment has successfully been made available in many stores and boutiques throughout Europe.

The Transparent Low Back Straps

The ultimate solution for the fabulous backless dress in your wardrobe that you don’t wear often enough! Comfortable, transparent add-on that allows you to wear that favourite bra with low-cut, backless dresses and tops by instantly adding extra length to your bra.

  • You can adjust the straps to your most comfortable fit. The Low Back Strap works best with one- and two-hook bras!
  • Lowers your bra back by 10 centimetres.


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Product Description

This low back strap is made from transparent, durable  and non-shiny silicone. Comfortable to wear, the low back strap will not dig into your skin and will enable you to create a low-back design easily.

  • 2 items in a pack
  • Material: 100% Polyurethane


  1. Attach the Low Back Strap onto both sides of the bra hooks.
  2. Cross the Low Back Strap behind the back.
  3. Close the Low Back Strap at the front.

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